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Land of Honey

Package for honey lovers, includes honey, honey cream and natural honeycomb from the Galilee.


• Pure Natural Honey 0.5 kg - Pure natural honey from the Galilee 1 kg. Wild, natural and amazing honey, just the way it should be! Pure honey made from natural wildflowers, very delicious and healthy made without damaging the surrounding environment! No preservatives, no sugar feeding, heating, or filtering, and it is all done with a huge amount of respect for bees!

• Wild, Natural Honeycomb 280 g - Honey in its wildest and most wonderful form! Anyone who has not taken a bite of honeycomb from wildflowers has not yet experienced one of the richest and happiest experiences that can be experienced! About 280 grams of natural and pure honey from wildflowers from the peaks of the Galilee in the original forest where the good bees packed the honey. An original, exciting, and happy gift in appearance, smell, and taste for you and your loved ones.

• Honey Cream with Organic Ginger 300 g - natural honey whipped with organic ginger. A delicious, whipped honey cream made with high-quality honey and pieces of organic ginger. Thanks to the perfect texture, the cream is ideal for spreading on a slice of bread or on desserts. The natural whipping process gives the cream a light and airy quality that makes this product easily spreadable.The combination with organic ginger gives the cream a special zest. 300 grams

For every purchase of a "Tzuf" package, we want to give you a gift and show our appreciation using the good and delicious products we make. To make you happy and to say thank you! We hope that you have a very happy Rosh Hashana! - Tuvia Orr, Owner of Tzuf

Vegan Cacao Nectar Spread: There IS such a thing as healthy sweets! Insanely tasty and delicious spreads that are high in protein, full of healthy ingredients! Sugar-free, kosher, and vegan-friendly health spread. Ingredients: sesame seeds(tahini), organic coconut flower nectar, natural cacao, hazelnuts. 115 grams.

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